Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spooky Day is here again!

 The day begins with the family noticing that Ratchet is still with them, just as a ghost cat.
 Then, Prudence's boss Aidan invited her and the family to a costume party at his place. Everyone dressed up in their costumes, except Prudence just put on a "Jason" mask. Piper is the Zebra, Jeremy the rebel, and Henry the criminal.
 Billy is a loner so he freaked out from all the people. He went as a Magician.
One party goer went to the party as a chef.
Two of the attendees didn't even dress up for the occasion.
 Another guest went as a soldier.
 The Kingsley's spent the party talking to their neighbors.
 After the party, the family headed to the Fall Festival.
 Upon arrival, they decided to change out of their costumes and begin an Apple Bobbing contest. Henry decided to enter a pie eating contest instead.

 Piper won the Apple Bobbing contest!
 Henry won the pie eating contest and took home some key lime pie.
 The family ended the night with the Haunted House. Prudence still is scared to death of that place! The rest of the family members just walked right out.

Prudence came home and carved a Jack-O-Lantern. Happy Spooky Day! Until the next one!

The Kingsley's Welcome the Fall Season

 Henry decided to buy a fish tank and stock it with goldfish. He figured fish would be lower maintenance than the snake and turtle were and easier to maintain.
 With the money that Billy brought into the household, the family was able to build a nice pool and patio in the backyard.
 Billy is a painter and he paints some wonderful paintings.
 Prudence decides to put in a new dresser and take the mirror Jeremy got from the Theatre for herself since he didn't need it for his room.
 Ratchet passes away as everyone looks on including Bella.
Billy continues to improve his painting skill.

Congratulations Billy and Piper on your Wedding!

 Piper and Billy got married outside and it was a beautiful wedding despite the rain. Hopefully nobody got sick from getting soaked during the ceremony.

 Billy's dog Bridgitte moved into the house with him.

The couple had a fabulous night!

Jeremy becomes an adult

Happy Birthday Jeremy!
 Hal's ghost showed up at the party and decided to take a rock in the rocking chair. These ghosts just won't stay away from the rocking chair!
 Some guests brought food and everyone decided to take advantage and enjoy some. Mmm!
 Jeremy blew out the candles as everyone crowded around him as best they could.

 Jeremy's imaginary friend grew up too.
 Now that Jeremy has the room to himself he decided to change it around a bit.
 With Adulthood comes a new wardrobe as well.

 Hardy Turtle passed away on the morning of graduation. Even Ratchet was upset.
Jeremy graduates high school! He is voted Most Likely to be a Millionaire!