Sunday, April 9, 2017

After four real life years I went back to playing this update...Welcome to the world Paige Kingsley!

Legacy Update

Wow! I cannot believe it has been four years since I have played this family and updated my Blog! Time has really flown by. So much has changed in my life in four years. So much so that now I barely take the time to play The Sims which is something I used to be dedicated to doing. Once The Sims 4 came out, I stopped playing The Sims 3. I recently decided I wanted to go back to playing The Sims 3 from time to time and I was able to re-download all of my content onto my new computer which runs the game much more smoothly than my laptop did. Luckily, I had backed up my saved games that were important to me on a flash drive so I was able to easily get back into the legacy game after spending most of the day downloading all of the content from Origin and re-downloading my store bought content from The Sims 3 store because my flash drive backup didn't load properly. Hopefully technology has come far enough that my new computer will hold out for awhile without issue. This family lives in Riverview (the world that was free to download from The Sims 3 store). I have all expansion packs installed and most of the Stuff packs as well as lots of The Sims 3 store content. If you are wondering how I managed to do something that appears in a screenshot feel free to comment on the post and I will do my best to answer your question. I know many people are no longer playing The Sims 3 at this point, but I also know there are still some dedicated fans that enjoy playing The Sims 3 over The Sims 4. 

Welcome to the world Paige!

And the fifth generation is here! 
I forgot how much I loved all of the baby interactions that ended up being unlocked with special store content and expansion packs in The Sims 3. Here Paige's grandmother Piper is rocking her in the rocking chair.

Here daddy Marion is snuggling with Paige. While Uncle Wyatt looks on. Plus, I love this nursery I created with store content. 

Here Paige is chilling in the baby swing that was/is on The Sims 3 store.

Since I have all expansions installed, the ghosts of past family members whose grave stones are on the lot come and interact with Paige. That part is a bit creepy. lol. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A wedding and prepping for the 5th generation!

Phoebe and Marion threw a huge party!

To prepare for the 5th generation Jeremy took the dogs and cat and moved out of the house to make more room.

The family renovated the downstairs slightly.

Marion adopted a Parakeet and named it Buzby.

Wyatt had his fortune told.

Jeremy's new house...

Marion and Phoebe are expecting!!

Phoebe's proposal!

Phoebe decided to throw a party so that she could propose to Marion.

Phoebe's Bachelorette Party!!

Phoebe's Engagement Party

Niji died during the party putting a damper on the event, but nobody let that get them unexcited about the engagement.

Growing up and finding love.

Billy gives Piper flowers all the time. He's such a sweet husband.

Happy Birthday Phoebe!!

Phoebe decided to go out and make some new friends at the local dance club.

Happy Graduation Day Phoebe!!!

After graduation, Phoebe went to the Bistro and met Marion.

First Date!

A pool party, Prom, and a sleepover.

Phoebe practicing her diving skills.

Water balloon fight!!!

Prom night is always an eventful experience.

The upstairs is finished with a new nursery and room for Phoebe.

Phoebe decided to throw a sleepover to celebrate getting to the end of her teen years.