Monday, April 29, 2013

Piper gets older...

Just a couple days after her children got older, Piper became an elder.

With age, Piper needed a new makeover.

Phoebe spent her nights dreaming of being a Princess.

Billy spent his retirement painting. He made some lovely pictures.

Phoebe becomes a child...

Eventually, it came time for Phoebe's birthday.

With growing up, Phoebe got a big girl room.

Wyatt became a teenager and was enrolled in Fort Starch Military School.

Billy continued his painting.

Wyatt and Phoebe decided to spend a snow day having a snowball fight before Wyatt went away to school.

Piper was eventually promoted to Leader of the Free World.
Phoebe spent most afternoons doing homework at her desk.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Phoebe's toddler years continued....

The family bought some windchimes to place below their second story balcony. The balcony is outside of the new playroom.

Piper attacking Phoebe with the claw.

Not having to teach Phoebe all her skills, gave Piper some time to just relax with her toddler and rock with her in the playroom.

Billy was eating some food, and the winter gnome popped up.

After rocking with her, Piper put Phoebe to bed in her crib.
That night while everyone was sleeping, a burglar broke into the house. Luckily the family has an alarm so the burglar was promptly caught by a policeman.

Piper took a break from things to play a game in the party/game room.
Wyatt trying out the new basketball hoop with a friend from school.

Billy became an Elder before he was really ready too, but are we ever really ready for such a thing?

For Spooky Day that fall, the family threw a costume party. Billy was a doctor, Piper was a flapper, and Phoebe was a bunny.

Jeremy decided to dress up as a Zombie for the occasion.

Wyatt was a woodsman for Spooky Day.

The party was a success, including one of the party guests turning into a Zombie with the full moon rising and getting attacked by the pea shooter. What a party!

Jeremy potty training Phoebe while they are both in costume. You gotta do what you gotta do right?

After the party Billy did some more painting.

The next night, Piper threw a campaign fundraiser. She always makes a lot of money for the campaign with these.Success!

With Phoebe's toddler years over, what will she be up to in her childhood?