Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Piper becomes a young adult.



Wrapping up the Spring...

                                          The family builds a party room onto the house.

                                          Prudence does some gardening.

                                             Ratchet eats a beetle.
                                             Everyone attends Piper's award ceremony.

                                          Henry becomes a World Renowned Surgeon.
                                           Piper has a messed up attempt at face painting.
                                          Then, she skates on the rink with a random neighbor.

                                          Henry retires from the medical profession.

Prudence visits the Spring festival and more.

                                          Piper gets a signed Jersey for Sports Club.
                                          Prudence is now an elder.
                                          An Easter egg that Prudence found at the Spring Festival.

Happy Birthday Henry!


Henry visits the Spring festival.

                                          Henry dances with one of the neighbors.
                                          Then, he tries out the Love tester.
                                           He got his face painted.
                                           Picking wildflowers.
                                           A game of horseshoes.
                                             Bella and Jeremy are good friends. :)

A trophy, gnome, renovation, and death.

                                          Henry gets a trophy for his service to the medical community.
                                         The family adds a dining room and living room to the house.
                                          The winter gnome randomly popped up on the lot.
                                          Nolan finally dies after 106 days.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!