Monday, May 30, 2011

And time to meet your half-sister...

 Well first off here's the heir Prudence Kingsley as a teen after a CAS makeover (all I did was change clothes and the hairstyle and added makeup). I think she's pretty for an in game sim.
 And the main point of this post. Prudence brought her half-sister Johanna home from school. Here's the half-sister talking to her half-brother Henry as Henry's mom looks on.

Here the two sisters are talking while the dad looks on. He's the father of both children. Basically, before he married my founder Amanda Kingsley he had a girlfriend Betty that he got pregnant and this daughter Johanna was the result (the girl on the right). Now Johanna is a teen like the children of my founder so inevitably they met her at school.

 I think they really do look like sisters. The half-sister is in the blue.
The heir Prudence is in the purple. But to me they really look like they could be sisters. lol.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family photos.

While I didn't always remember to take screenshots, I did remember to get baby pics of Henry and Prudence, as well as toddler, child, and teen pics in game to go on the wall. The reward certificate is for Amanda getting level 10 gardener.

The portrait challenge.

Hal painted a picture of Prudence while she was a child. (left)
Amanda painted a picture of Hal. (right)

Everyone beginning to grow older...

 Amanda (the founder) becomes an elder. So does Hal her husband and his partner that is their housemate.
 Henry becomes a child.
 Henry's crib is upgraded to a bed.
 Henry becomes a teen.
Prudence becomes a teen. (I forgot to take screens when she became toddler and child from baby).

A new housemate...

 As Amanda and Hal began to age, they realized that they may not be around until their children grew to adulthood, so they moved Hal's partner from the Police Station into the house.
They also added on a new bedroom.

The second generation begins to grow up...

 Henry becomes a toddler.
The nursery finally connects to the main house from the inside. 
The family also bought a couple of easels.

A second generation is born...

 Amanda pregnant with her first child.
 Money to finish the bedroom and bathroom.
 The first child was a son, Henry. He's in the crib in this pic. Amanda pregnant with a second child.
 Henry is in the crib on the left. Amanda is still pregnant on the right.
Money to add in a nursery! The second child was a daughter, Prudence. She's going to be the heir.

Time to find a mate...

As time went on, Amanda realized it was time for her to find a man to marry. She met Hal and had him break up with his girlfriend Betty for her, while Betty was in labor in the other room. :-D

Then, Hal and Amanda got married in Amanda's tiny house in a private wedding.

Finally, Amanda had enough money to make her bathroom and bedroom separate rooms from the main room, but the baby crib for the second generation still had to go in the main room.

What to do to keep clean?

At first, Amanda did not have enough money for a shower or a tub. She would go to the gym to shower during these tough times. Finally, after several days she had enough money for her own shower to be added to her one room house.

A new career...

Finally, once Amanda had enough money to get a decent start she decided to pursue her true passion of gardening and became a self-employed gardener. At first she made money by selling goods found at the community garden and she planted her own garden. Then, she was able to make money from her own garden, even though it wasn't much.

As money is earned...

As Amanda earned money she finished her one-room house with wallpaper and floor and she began to buy more items for the house such as a sink, a bookshelf, and a stove.


Amanda Kingsley is the founder of the legacy. She lives in Riverview. Her traits are Family-Oriented, Green Thumb, Neat, Natural Cook, and Great Kisser. She started off in the law enforcement career to get a bit of money. She began with an uncompleted, one room house. Biography: Amanda wishes to get married and have kids. She wants her family to extend for generations and establish a legacy. She wants to become a world renowned gardener.