Saturday, September 1, 2012

The third generation!!

After much ado, there is finally a third generation!!!

Prudence and Nolan now have a little girl, Piper.

Here are some photos of the new addition!

Unfortunately Nolan became an elder really quickly (actually before the wedding). At least he's still alive and lived long enough for the new generation.

Let's see what Henry is up to for awhile...

 Henry now has a pet snake, Levi.
Here he is playing with his snake.

Henry decided to become a doctor.

 Henry adopted a kitten for the house, Ratchet.

 Ratchet became a cat.
Henry adopted a puppy for the house.
Henry playing tug of war with the puppy.

Prudence Gets Married

Prudence met Nolan through her brother Henry. Henry met Nolan outside the grocery store in Riverview and brought him home and introduced him to his sister. The night they met Prudence and Nolan watched the stars together.

Before she knew it, they were engaged!

 Then it was time for a Bachelorette Party! Prudence served Hot Dogs to her guests...

 Party dancer time! Incidentally this was the first time in my game that the party dancer was a cowboy. lol.
 Prudence's half sister Johanna gave a toast to celebrate the occasion.

Spraying nectar! The best part of these parties besides the dancers!

 Johanna spraying another party guest...
 All four girls decided to dance in the incomplete room.
 Then they fell asleep from exhaustion.
 Johanna climbed up on the counter before the party was over.

And finally the wedding!